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Ten years in the real estate business have recently resulted in an unprecedented interest in my consulting and advice regarding the sale and leasing of various types of property. I am contacted by clients who want to buy property and do not want to deal with the matter themselves. I am also contacted by owners who need advice regarding a future lease or sale. Last, but not least, I am contacted by acquaintances, friends or clients who want to buy property and do not know what questions to ask during the showing,or do not want to face all the real estate agents and their not always professional practices.

I offer:

  • Sale of flats and houses
  • Leasing of offices, flats and houses
  • Mortgage consulting
  • Sale of mobile eco-houses for seasonal or year-round housing
  • Consulting
  • We will go through all possibilities together and evaluate them on the spot, I will inform you of the possibilities and we will select the best solution according to your needs.
  • Professional approach
  • I have been working in the real estate sector for 10 years

Price List for Services

  1. Market assessment of property for inheritance proceedings = CZK 2,000
  2. Accompanying buyer/prospective tenant to visit properties, consulting and advice = CZK 600 per hour
  3. First meeting with the seller/landlord before sale or lease of property = 1 hour FREE OF CHARGE
  4. Search for a suitable property for purchase, when the prospective buyer has no time to browse the real estate websites, contact real estate agencies, arrange showings of the property, etc. The price includes browsing real estate portals, contactin gestate agencies, sending the offer by email, arranging showings of the property= CZK 600 per hour
  5. Resolving problems with a tenant – consulting by email and phone between a landlord and a tenant within the lease relation intermediated by me = FREE OF CHARGE.
  6. Accompanying owner to a meeting with a “trouble-making” tenant and helping them resolve the problem = CZK 600 per hour.




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