My name is Jana Horáková.

I am the estate agent to recommend.

For seven years I lived in various Mediterranean countries where I looked after tourist destinations and tourists holiday enjoyment. On my return, I knew that I wanted to draw on my talent for real estate business and communication with business partners.

In the last ten years I have enjoyed helping people with their real estate. My command of several languages enables me to work with an international clientele. I respect agreements, I am reliable and honest and I complete my tasks successfully.

I am pleased that satisfied clients return to me, and recommend my services to other people, too.


Věra Kochová

Real estate broker for property sales and leasing

I have been working in the real estate business since 2004. I started with the leasing and sale of commercial space. Gradually, I began to deal with the rental and sale of flats and houses as well and eventually this has prevailed. I have always felt happy when working with people and trying to help them.

I prefer an individual approach to my work, because it is not easy to find new housing. All the pluses and minuses need to be considered. My task is to help clients in their selection, to take into consideration all their needs and expectations and to find the optimal solution for them. There are different people, different wishes and different expectations. I strive to respect human individuality and patiently help clients achieve their dream objective. I am also willing to help, as circumstances allow, with resolving problems which may attend the leasing or sale. I believe that a humane and fair approach is always important everywhere, and I have also inculcated this principle in my three children. I always try to act decently and fairly, since my aim is for satisfied clients to keep returning to us as well as recommending us to others. The motto “Real estate with a human face” may seem a cliché, but it is exactly what I try to achieve in my work.




Šárka Oharková


In 2006 I finished my studies at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. Even during my studies, I began to work in a leading Czech lawyers’ office with an international clientele, and I also spent one year studying at the Faculty of Law of Dresden University. After my studies, I worked as a trainee lawyer in a large lawyers’ office with an international clientele and in a rather smaller office where the emphasis was primarily placed on an individual approach to clients. In 2010, I started up my own lawyers’ office, in which I combine my previous experience from work in different types of office. Since 2010 I have been cooperating with several real estate agencies or intermediaries in the real estate market to whom I provide legal services related to thetransfer of property, including the safekeeping of the purchase price and signature certification. I hold the opinion that the trouble-free transfer of property cannot be done without a high-quality legal service.


Jan Válek


In 2003, I completed my studies at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. In 2007, I started up my own lawyers’ office. I specialise in: real estate law, contractual agenda, commercial and civil law and procedural law, with many years of experience representing my clients before the court. I have gained more than 10 years of experience with the real estate trades, safekeeping purchase prices and resolving legal problems related to property.


Michal Karhan

Financial advisor

For 14 years I have been dealing with the financing of property intended for residential and business purposes. I have arranged the financing of real estate totalling more than CZK 3 billion. In 2009, I was awarded Hypotečníbanka’s (Mortgage Bank’s)TOP Trader of the Year. Primarily, I specialise in complicated legal solutions forfinancing. Clientele who are non-standard for banks are my usual clients. In addition to resolving financial resources, a priority of my work is to burden my clients with as little paperwork as possible. I will select a suitable solution for you from the bank with the best conditions. I also work for foreign clients and speak English.




Your personal estate agent

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