We are delighted to introduce you to a new concept of minimalist eco houses. At a time when many are inaccessible for many or do not want to be mortgaged for many years, ecosystems are a new life trend. At the same time, it is also possible to conceive of ecohouses from the beginning as mobile – ie. it can be moved to another place in the future.

Homes are made only from natural materials, including insulation, vapor barrier and windproof barriers. Construction technology has been proven for years, materials are certified with many years of warranty.

For what purpose can your houses serve you?

With their concepts and minimal demands, they can fulfill different intentions and current needs of life, and in the future allow for choice for further possible life changes that often accompany us naturally.

  1. The house will be a full house for you, built on the principles of the most free living, with the possibility to connect everything to nature and its natural resources. In the future, with the possibility of expanding the house with other houses / annexes.
  2. The house will serve as the second home (eg as a cottage).

The house can be built as an extension to a family house located in the garden without having to buy a new plot and with the possibility of reselling / renting the new residential part in the future; can be used for example:

a) for adolescent children

b) for teenagers already with the intention of separating them – they will get their first “house” and a valuable personal space for which they will be fully responsible, for example financially; later they can move their home to their own land and further expand their living.

c) migrating with grandparents due to old age / illness and providing necessary care without interfering with the personal area of ​​the family and the personal area of ​​the grandparent; possibly avoiding the need for demanding modifications (even building) in the existing family home so that together with grandparents they can stay together in harmony; if there is a potential for grandparents as well as a care / assistance service, it can be a valuable advantage to keep family intimacy in their own home.

d) as an investment – a mobile home can be rented (eg with the help of the global airbnb.cz system); the house is fully repaid on its own and can be rented or sold according to the current decision, to extend another house for rent if it is still on the existing site, etc .; some people can be thus able to become a good host, rejoice in this new “job” and have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world directly within their own home; the possibility to offer accommodation in a completely natural house is today a trend and a sought after opportunity with an expected increase in the next years; these houses have the potential to be highly desirable for accommodation.

e) for the office / establishment – from the house can be set up a fully equipped and functional office / establishment located in the home environment but sufficiently separated from its own Home; the advantage is that the “rent” that would have to be paid for another business space becomes, in this case, an investment in own house that will continue to bear this value (eg space for massages, cosmetics …)

f) Accommodation for visitors – to have at home a non-traditional space with the possibility of keeping one’s privacy

and other possible variants.

Benefits of this housing:

– Our Home becomes the epitome of some very important freedom today in basic human needs

– is very beneficial for our health and regular natural regeneration

– the natural materials used no longer burden our planet and can be used efficiently in the future and reused, for example, for heating

– Low input costs, on the other hand, high quality materials and processing

– variability of housing and plans for house purposes

– there is no need for building permits, but a bigger house of this concept and quality can be built, which will pass through the building permit and it will also be possible to finance it eg by mortgage

– Houses can be transported on a semi-trailer by a specialized carrier, who will also handle all necessary permits

– You can relocate it arbitrarily within the Czech Republic or Europe (however, it is necessary to carefully think and plan the route and the possibilities on the spot costs and unloading the house – these factors then have a major influence on the transport price)

Used materials:

– Basic construction and outer lining of Nordic Larch

– Inner paneling and spruce flooring

– wooden windows, double glazing with excellent insulating and anti-noise properties

– complete natural flax insulation (excellent properties, long-term guarantee)

– internal vapor barrier and external windproof insulation also from natural materials without chemical binders

– external and internal surface treatments with certified natural oil paints including pigmentation at basic price

– Satjam Rapid roofing in Alumat design – our well-known Czech supplier Satjam

How long will you wait for the house?

Once we have everything ready, we can build it up to 6 weeks. The time consuming will also be very much influenced by other extras such as the interior, etc. 🙂

How big is the ecohouse?

The smallest house has a floor area of ​​22 m2 (built in total 25m2). Mobile homes will be built up to a size of 40m2 of built-up area (4x10m), and larger natural houses will no longer have mobile options according to individual orders.

Starting price from 600,000 CZK incl. VAT 21% (the price also includes 10 pieces of earth screws on which the house can be laid, or it is possible to choose to be laid on concrete pillars – everything depends on the individual order and the possibilities resulting from the given place for setting up the house).

Price does not include:

– electrical wiring,

– water distribution and waste,

– chimney and stove,

– indoor equipment,

– terrace.

Beyond housebuilding we will gladly provide you with:

– completion of all energy and water distribution including waste, both on the project site and the site itself, the supply and installation of chimneys and stoves, other equipment by agreement

– an architect who specializes in creating a beautiful fully functional interior for smaller houses

– Providing a comprehensive system for the use of alternative energy sources that can supply the whole house without difficulty and can also be automatically interconnected with the supply of energy from a public source

– to mediate the construction of a beautiful natural bathing lake without the use of any chemistry, including any connection with a root treatment plant for the removal of gray water

– to provide a foundation for the permaculture garden of the garden, which will supply the house and its inhabitants with a variety of food and herbs

– to create a unique system for treatment of utility and drinking water so that water can be naturally cleaned and healed its structure

– Set natural and ecological water management for the house and possibly the entire garden

– to fine-tune everything needed into a beautiful fully functional whole for our sacred Home.